Until future notice, you can get a free digital business card

This card is free for life - absolutely no cost!

To get your FREE 1QR digital business card, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the link below to "Get Your Card Now"
  2. Click on the blue - "Get Shuffle" button
  3. Select the 1QR option and no other options
  4. Change the card quantity to 1 - the amount due today will go to Zero along with the monthly charge
  5. Click continue, and provide the requested information - make sure to use my name and referral id (this gives you the promotional price - FREE)
  6. Click continue, and provide payment information - this will only be used if your purchase addtional services in the future - there is NO CHARGE for your free 1QR card - ever

Digital Business Card Features:
  1. Share all your contact information including social media pages
  2. Unlimited, linkable product or service images
  3. Unlimited videos from youtube or vimeo
  4. Unlimited linkable buttons
  5. A free digital roladex for your customers to save your digital business card
  6. One click to add your information to a customer's phone contact list

Why is Elify giving away free, digital business cards?

Elify is providing free digital business cards because they believe once you see the power of the product you might upgrade to additional products like Shuffle and Wave, but you are under no obligation to ever upgrade or pay any amount for your digital business card.

Digital Business Card Examples

Click on each image to see the digital business card